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shanghai Bookkeeping Agency 英文財務公司


Shanghai ruanyin financial consulting Co., LTD.

As a professional consulting service offices, with tax, accounting and legal professional service, team and the advantage of government resources.

We provide professional bookkeeping, accounting, Shanghai professional company agency services, bookkeeping services.



Professional services tailored to your needs:

Accounting and bookkeeping services for medium and small bussinesses.

Payroll and tax repoting

General Ledger

Customer billing seriveces

Bank account reconcilement

Accounts payable receiveable

Investment Record -Keeping

Non-profit Organization


A.Basic item
1. Establishing of Account title and use
2. Making-up of accounting voucher
3. Entering items in account books
4. Auditing of accounts
5. making-up of accounting reports
6. Tax declaration
7. Filing, sorting the relevant accounting archives

B. Other items
1. Calculation of employee salaries
2. Audit and cashier
3. Indenting, issuing and keeping invoices
4. claim of export rebates

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